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Charities in Canada play a critical role. Canadians look to environmental, health, international development and social justice organizations to help them express their views and advocate for a better world. Over the years, charities have helped make Canada a better place. Improvements as diverse as ending acid rain, reducing drinking and driving, ending smoking in the workplace, and introducing cancer screening standards were all the result of organizations bringing public and government attention to issues that required changes in policy. Most of these organizations are charities and together, they voice the Canadian public’s concerns.

Several years ago the former federal government launched public attacks against a number of organizations whose views they disagreed with. The organizations were from a wide range of sectors including international development, poverty alleviation and protection of the environment. The media, public, opposition leaders and many MPs, including now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, decried these attacks and committed to end the audits and to reform Canadian law to ensure charities could speak out.

When it was elected, the current federal government committed to creating a new law and policies that will “allow charities to do their work on behalf of Canadians free from political harassment.” But several antagonistic and costly audits of charities’ political activities that began under the previous government are still not cancelled. Some of these audits have gone on for years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, money that could have been spent voicing Canadians’ concerns about key issues.

The audits have had a widespread chilling effect on charities across Canada, inhibiting their invaluable work in the name of the public good. These audits must end immediately. Reform of the rules that allowed these audits must begin. If the laws remain unchanged, federal governments may continue to use ambiguous and arbitrary guidelines to harass and silence voices they don’t agree with.

Time to level the playing field:
corporations vs. citizens

In Canada, corporations with enormous financial resources benefit from government loans, subsidies and tax rebates. Canadian corporations have no limits on their political activity. Everything they spend on public campaigns to affect public policies is 100 per cent deductible from their gross income, thus reducing the tax they pay to the government and representing a significant subsidy to their public policy work. In contrast, charities representing citizens are strictly limited on what they can and cannot say and how much they can spend to voice the concerns of Canadians on public policy. And when citizens give to a charity they receive a much smaller tax deduction.

This makes no sense and isn’t fair. Corporations should not receive preferential treatment over regular Canadians on issues that impact Canadians’ daily lives. New legislation for charities must enhance the ability of citizens to participate in public policy development through the charities they support.

Canadians deserve better. Ambiguous laws should not be tools for silencing Canadians’ voices. A new law is required. Many other countries around the world have modernized their charitable laws to protect free speech. It’s time for Canada to do the same. Tell the federal government to keep its promise to create a new law to protect Canadians’ right to be heard through the charities they support.

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Last year, Minister of National Revenue Diane Lebouthillier conducted a two-month, Canada-wide consultation with charities and the public on the rules under which charities should be allowed to speak out in Canadian society. Minister Lebouthillier remarked on “the critical role charities play in Canadian society” and committed to “working in collaboration with charities to maintain a fair system that respects and encourages their essential contribution.”

By December 14, 2016, over 24,000 Canadians submitted letters urging the federal government to reform our laws to end restrictions on charities’ free speech and their ability to work to improve the lives of Canadians. In addition to these letters, hundreds of charities and non-profits from a wide variety of sectors made formal written submissions and participated in Canada-wide, in-person consultations held by the Canada Revenue Agency. There was a strong consensus at these consultations that legal reform is urgently required. As a result of this input, an expert panel submitted a report in March 2017 to the Minister of National Revenue calling for action to fix the broken system.

Despite a promise to act, the federal government has done nothing to implement the Expert Panel’s recommendations. It is time for all of us to ACT NOW and send a letter to your Member of Parliament. We need to let our elected representatives know that we are waiting for them to keep their promise to protect Canadian’s right to have their voices heard through the charities they support.

Tell the federal government that we need a new law that gives citizens a voice through the charities they support.


The ability of Canadians to engage in important debates about social justice, liberty, poverty and the environment depends on charities providing an avenue for their ideas and magnifying their voices. Send a letter urging the federal government to reform our broken charity laws.


Tell the Minister of Finance to introduce a new law that gives citizens a voice through the charities they support, levels the playing field with corporations and enables charities to continue their important work on public policy issues that help build a better Canada.

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Help us spread the word that Canada’s federal government must keep its promise to fix our broken charity laws.

Take action: new law needed to give Canadians a voice through charities they support #CRAcharities

Take action: new law needed to give Canadians a voice through charities they support #CRAcharities


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