The Prime Minister promised a new law to give citizens a voice through charities they support; but he hasn’t delivered. Canadians deserve better.
Tell the federal government to keep its promise by sending a letter today.

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During the last election and in letters to his Ministers when he formed a government, Prime Minister Trudeau promised to end the harassment of charities and create a new law that would protect Canadians’ ability to comment on important public issues through the charities they support.

In 2016, Minister of National Revenue Diane Lebouthillier conducted a two-month, Canada-wide consultation with charities and the public on the rules under which charities should be allowed to speak out in Canadian society.

During the consultation period, over 24,000 Canadians submitted letters urging the federal government to reform our laws to end restrictions on charities’ free speech and their ability to work to improve the lives of Canadians.

In addition to these letters, hundreds of charities and non-profits from a wide variety of sectors made formal written submissions and participated in Canada-wide, in-person consultations held by the Canada Revenue Agency.

There was a strong consensus at these consultations that legal reform is urgently required. As a result of this input, an expert panel submitted a report in March 2017 to the Minister of National Revenue calling for action to fix the broken system.

Despite a promise to act when the report was received, the federal government has done nothing to implement the Expert Panel’s recommendations.

Tell the federal government to keep its promise to create a new law to protect Canadians’ right to be heard through the charities they support.